Barrows Wins College Sailor Of The Year Award

There was an awards ceremony held after the completion of the Gill Coed National Championship.

This was the awards ceremony to present the Leonard M. Fowle Trophy for the Best Overall Team, Marlow Ropes College Sailor of the Year and the Robert H. Hobbs Sportsmanship Award. The winners who have won these prestigious awards will find their names added to the ICSA Hall Of Fame. This is located in the Robert Crown Center at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.

The Marlow Ropes College Sailor of the Year is given the Everett B. Morris Trophy every year. This year the trophy was bagged by Ian Barrows of the St. Thomas, USVI. This is an award presented to be the best performance in sailing at the highest level for the collegiate year. The trophy is named in memory of B. Morris, who spent 30 years of his life as a yachting editor and director. There were five finalists named for the trophy and it was Barrows, who won it at the end.  

Barrows had a tough challenge from the other four competitors as all of them have had a very productive year in sailing. Barrows edged them by winning many of the regattas in the year for sailing in the A-class. He also was placed second in the 2017 Gill Coed National Championship and the 2017 Laser Performance Team Race National Championship. Barrows was a finalist for this honor last year as well. This year he has won the College Sailor of the Year award.

Barrows said that it was a great honor to win the B. Morris trophy. He says that this award was a result of the hard work and the extra miles that he has given to sailing. He loves the atmosphere of college sailing and has made a lot of new friends. He has been named the All-American every year he sailed in college.