At Sail Melbourne It The Olympians Who Won Medals

Racing at 2018 Sail Melbourne International (SMI) concluded with a complete racing final day all Olympic and the event invited the class fleets. Over 400 participants took part in the events and made the race challenging. This was four days long event and during initial races, whether caused significant disruptions. The cause of the disturbance was weather system present over the east coast of Australia. Nevertheless, besides this disturbance, the race has a welcome.

Sailors of Australian Sailing Team were the one whose performance raise the level of race challenge. They showed their strong form on home waters. With their extraordinary performance, they won the event’s main title across Olympic classes.
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Bradley Adam New Sailing Coach Of Washington College

Washington College has a new sailing coach in Bradley Adam. He skippered the college team of St Mary’s who reached second place in B division at ICSA/Gill Co Ed National Championships. Adam has coached 420 category and Optimists and holds certification of small boat instructor level 3. He stated that he looked forward to help the program grow and the college team to become a contender in the country.

Adam himself was a former runner up in the B Division for the national team; he has skipper as well as coaching experience, especially for the contributions that he made to St Mary’s College in Maryland. He stated that the search committee who found him and offered the opportunity made it possible for him to gain this position today. He stated that the sailing team of Washington College was high on enthusiasm and meeting them has impressed him. He looks forward to help the program and the team to be a contender for the conference as well as for national level competitions.
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Practice Races In Bermuda Waters

Bermuda waters have become the home of the America’s Cup contestants as the qualifying rounds come near.

It is perfect as the winter season makes it difficult for sailing teams to practice anywhere else. At four months lie between now and the start of the qualifying rounds, the race management team is putting together practice races for the teams. This is the 35th edition of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup series. Ian Murray is busy lining up to race courses and conducting practice races for the teams as the regatta director of the organization.

The need for a simulated setting akin to the race day is being felt by the participants. There are several procedures that need to be considered and made familiar by the sailors who participate. With several rules to follow, it is imperative that the teams participate in practice races.

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Race Around The World Starts

We have heard of sailing races around the world, but the concept of making time race around the world might stun many people. But that was how the achievement of Francis Joyon and his team’s win of the Jules Verne trophy could be described. It has definitely set back the existing world sailing record.

The team has made their achievement in the IDEC SPORT trimaran vessel. Francis recounts how the team felt as they neared their destination in record time. He states that it was pitch black when they could only see the Creac’h Lighthouse in front of them. However, they had the belief that it would definitely be the start of something significant for them. Continue reading

Champlain Center Got New Home

In the history of 20 years, this is happening for the first time, the community sailing center of Lake Champlain will be shifted to a new place.

The center will get new home now.

Confirming the news of new sailing center Executive director of Lake Champlain Mark Naud said “The enthusiasm to anchor new building for this existing center is enormous.” He seems happier for opportunity that the new center will provide to next generation sailing lover while he was sharing his thought.

Executive Director adding further points in his explanation about center said, “This center will be an education center, it will connect people with lake also enable us to provide space for storage and maintenance of boats that we own. The new yard is designed so that people can come down following the new bike path and play on the lake.” Continue reading