Champlain Center Got New Home

In the history of 20 years, this is happening for the first time, the community sailing center of Lake Champlain will be shifted to a new place.

The center will get new home now.

Confirming the news of new sailing center Executive director of Lake Champlain Mark Naud said “The enthusiasm to anchor new building for this existing center is enormous.” He seems happier for opportunity that the new center will provide to next generation sailing lover while he was sharing his thought.

Executive Director adding further points in his explanation about center said, “This center will be an education center, it will connect people with lake also enable us to provide space for storage and maintenance of boats that we own. The new yard is designed so that people can come down following the new bike path and play on the lake.”

The new center will be of larger size than previous one. It will be in 22,000 square foot area and will have all latest facilities including access to boating, classroom to sit and learn and docks. The project cost is 507 million dollars and it is funded by a private body. It is the effort of one part of the city to do the remodeling of northern waterfront.

The sailing center is a non-profit making body and in year 2016, the sailing center served more than 6,200 people. This center is purely dedicated to education and management ensures access to lake to everyone.

“This lake is our asset, it reflects our culture and also it is our economic engine. We have got the opportunity of re-modeling it and we will do it in the best way. We have learnt so many things from this lake along with taking care of it,” said Naud with a smile.