Conrad Colman Faces Challenges

Conrad Colman is one of the solo skippers of the Vendee Globe race who had a unique vessel that was being operated with natural energy resources. He called around 2300 as per French time line and reported to his team that his vessel had been dismasted.

This was his first participation in the Vendee Globe and he had secured tenth place. The distance to the finish line was 793 nautical miles when this happened. He finally reported in on February 18th where he recounts his journey and similar incidents that have occurred in the past.

He admitted to the Charter a Yacht in Trogir website that the dismasting and jury rig incident had been jarring emotionally and challenged his resolve intensely. He talked about his experiences eight years ago when he had been part of the Cowes Week race by the southern coast of England. This regatta had been a big one that time with about thousand boats competing in the event. In this event as well he faced a similar instance, when the mast had to be fixed.

In this case he had to do it solo without space to set up his fixing operations or a sewing machine to make a jury rig properly. However, he has been able to manage to make a main sail and is confident that he will be able to reach Les Sables with a favorable forecast that is predicted. He has managed a square headed main which he feels is a unique design among jury rigs.

Of course, it set him off from the tenth position he was close to achieving and he had to spend an additional week on the waters. Indeed, these incidents are what make Vendee Globe a unique and challenging race for the solo skippers who have to brave different water and weather conditions on a grueling expedition across the globe.