Practice Races In Bermuda Waters

Bermuda waters have become the home of the America’s Cup contestants as the qualifying rounds come near.

It is perfect as the winter season makes it difficult for sailing teams to practice anywhere else. At four months lie between now and the start of the qualifying rounds, the race management team is putting together practice races for the teams. This is the 35th edition of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup series. Ian Murray is busy lining up to race courses and conducting practice races for the teams as the regatta director of the organization.

The need for a simulated setting akin to the race day is being felt by the participants. There are several procedures that need to be considered and made familiar by the sailors who participate. With several rules to follow, it is imperative that the teams participate in practice races.

It would help make life easier when the final races come near. Murray states that, though it is the third time races are being held by America’s Cup in Bermuda, there are several aspects to set right. For instance, the angles, speed, boat performance are parameters to be thought about when the race course is being set up.

There would be super yachts as well as spectator boats that also need to be fit into the race course so that views are unimpeded. The SoftBank team from Japan is participating for the first time in this edition. They feel that the practice sessions are much required. It would help the teams to understand the level of competition of other teams. Even if practice races would not involve the boats to be used in the finals it would still help the sailors to get familiar with the race course and wind or local conditions. It would also help fans of the respective teams look out for the upcoming events.